Combat Boots?


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Jul 17, 2008
I recently talked to my regions admissions officer and he told me that I will be receiving an appointment soon :biggrin:. My cousin is now a first-classman at West Point and before he reported to West Point for CBT he was advised to purchase and break in a pair of boots. Does the same go for USNA? If so where and what kind of boots to I purchase?

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Most of the Mids I know will tell you not to bother - you get them issued on IDay and compared to Beast you will not be running in them all that much. We did not tnad My Mid never had any feet issues.
Congratulations bobcatmatt!

Plebe summer and Cadet Basic Training are two different animals. I don't think they are much alike other than the getting screamed at incessantly. Cadets don't run in their boots they go on ruck marches. Miles and miles. There is a lot of infantry training. They really should break in their boots before Beast.
For Navy, as NT says, don't bother.
BobcatMatt, as you've heard, no need to get boots for USNA but you will be advised to bring a pair of lightly-broken-in, mostly white, running shoes.

When he rec'd his appt, my Mid got what turned out to be excellent advice, "Spend your h.s. senior year finding the perfect shoe, then buy a couple pairs and break them in. Wear one pair to I-Day, ask your parents to send the other after plebe summer ends."
I talked to a 1st Class midshipman and if you really want to get boots then the ones the mids are issued are Bates Lites. I am not sure of the height though.

However, he said they rarely run in them and a 3rd Class mid confirmed it. They do Sea Trials in boots though don't they?
Yeah but after almost having them for a year!! Just traipse around your room with them once you get them, you'll be fine.

See, Antoinette, we wear proper boots!!! :wink: :shake:
Dont bring anything to Plebe Summer. You will have way more than you would ever expect. Everyone gets shin splints regardless of how much you break in your shoes. Fact of Life. If you have a pair of running shoes as a safety blanket, then bring them in a small zip bag that you can put the clothes you report to IDay in. IDAY is way far away to worry about anything now though. Concentrate on finishing senior year.