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    Before I get to my post, I want you to know I took a big look around the forum and looked at many "how do I look?" threads, and also searched for threads about my specific situation. But if I'm spamming, my apologies.

    To the point!

    I'm a junior in college right now and this is the 1st week of school. Back in high school, I attended the USMA SLS, loved it, came back home, and was talked out of applying (or doing ROTC) by my parents. I stopped my application process before I really got into it and I still regret my decision today. I feel I was a very competitive applicant and I'm committed to going to West Point and serve in the military. I know it's meant for me.

    AFAIK, the maximum age is 23 of the June (July?) one enters WP, which gives me a little bit of time to apply. However, I need some advice on reapplying.

    I know my college grades will be used, but will my high school stats still count a little? SATs? My leadership and athletic positions? Do I need to get new letters of recommendation from professors in Math, Science, and English?

    (On a side note, what counts as an "English" class? Anything in humanities/social science classes?)

    How can I improve my athletic portion of my application? I'm not playing any competitive sports but I'm getting into Krav Maga. Would club sports help that?

    As far as leadership positions, what can I strive for? Will my old high school positions help?

    Thank you for any help.

    - J. Anderson
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