Commission options with several disqualifications


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Jan 23, 2008
I have been accepted to USNA, but was given a waiver for my asthma in the process. I also have a case of spondylolysis, but am not limited really in anything that I do. The spondylolysis was treated when I was sixteen with a back brace. The asthma, though I have never been limited in anything I do, still comes around occasionally. I have noticed that my asthma seems to flare up most when I am allergic to something (cats are my worst enemy). I understand that my options for commissioning will most likely be limited, but what are the DoDMERB policies on these two situations? How difficult are waivers upon graduation? Am I most-likely restricted line bound? Is mild eczema going to cause any complications?
crimsontide21 you state you have a waiver for asthma but you don't mention a waiver for the spondylolysis or the eczema. Do you have waivers for those other 2 items?

If you do not, I would make sure that DoDMERB and the academy is aware of them, or you may not make it to commissioning.

As for entering an academy, in this case specifically the Naval Academy, with waivers for medical issues, it may not be an issue for commissioning, or come service selection time. If a waiver is required for commissioning, or for a specialty field (aviation, subs) waivers can be granted for those. Upon graduation from the Naval Academy the goal is to commission every midshipman as an Unrestricted Line Officer. Very few midshipmen get commissioned into Restricted Line, and those are usually due to an injury received while at the academy.