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    I posted this in the USNA forum but didn't get an answer so:

    I was an applicant with the USNA class of 2019 but got a TWE. I was fortunate enough to receive a full 4 year NROTC Scholarship, however I feel that for me personally USNA is still the better fit (I really want the total immersion experience and I feel that I personally would thrive more in an environment where everyone is experiencing the same hardships as I am).

    My major concern is that when I talk to my CO in ROTC, my ROTC unit and leadership will not be supportive of me/will ostracize me for wanting to leave ROTC for USNA.

    I understand fully that there is not any one commissioning source that is better than the rest and that regardless of how you earned your commission, your success in the fleet depends on your performance in the fleet, but I also understand that each source may be a better fit for particular individuals.

    Is there a significant population of USNA mids who left a ROTC Scholarship to go to USNA? What is the best way to approach my CO about this situation? If someone who went through what I am going through could speak from their own experience I would be very grateful.
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    I really doubt that there is any significant amount of people that left a 4 year navy scholarship to go to the academy. With many questions like these, there isn't really a collected amount of data that would give you an insight into the answer you're looking for.

    Have you already completed your freshmen year in that university with that unit?
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    There are ROTC cadets and mids from every branch that reapply to academies as a freshman every year, many receive appointments. The majority of PMSs and COs are very supportive of those that reapply. A plus is that you can also receive a ROTC Nomination from you CO. The majority of cadets/mids that reapply received the ROTC Scholarship, there are no issues in dropping your scholarship if you receive an appointment. Just let your Cadre/CO know of your intention to reapply, if you are a good mid they will for sure try and talk you into staying in the program, but they won't make things difficult for you, you will most likely find that they are a help in your reapplication process.

    Best of luck

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