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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by osdad, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Planning for 2014 - so while I'm tardy I'm not late. :biggrin:

    Using the 2013 schedule it appears that most things are fairly generic up until the Sup's Reception - which for my Mid would be on Tuesday (27th Company) Do these rotate?

    What is the N* Reception; and can we and is it worth attending given that it's on Sunday?

    Things start to happen on Wed with the various academic department awards and of course the Blue Angles.

    Thursday again seems pretty generic unless DD is up for one of the awards in the afternoon.

    Friday is booked.

    I guess I'm wondering what people do for the week that makes it such an event? Are the Mids free to spend time with visiting family? Do they even want to? By then, we'll have been to DTA dozens of times, seen a pocket full of color parades, been to choir concerts, etc.
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    I'll take a shot, although I realize that more recent grads and parents thereof have more current info.:smile:

    I think they are done by battalion every year.

    For varsity athletes.

    Yes, there is plenty of time for mids to spend with family. The parades are not optional for your mid and most really enjoy seeing the last parade of their kid's lives (well, at least at USNA) and the antics afterward. The religious services are very nice, if you are into that.

    My parents had been to USNA many, many times during my years there but still enjoyed all of the events of Commissioning Week. Knowing it's the last time you'll see this stuff gives it a different dimension. I would definitely go for the whole week, do what interests you, and soak it all in. It's a celebration of four years of hard work. It's kind of hard to describe -- and I probably forgot more of it than my parents did -- but they would not have missed a minute for the world.
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    CW events

    Firstie's get "booted" out of Bancroft during the earlier part of CW( unless they request a waiver from their CO)so they'll need a rack somewhere osdad :wink:....that's one way you might see your Firstie more than you think now.:thumb:

    We ( parents and invited family) found lot's to do most of the week last May..... USS Gettysburg anchored close to the Academy and offered tours for several days , Glee Club concerts should not be missed for any reason (ticket), the BLUE ANGELS practice and main show ( you are so lucky....2011 and 2012 missed out:frown: on this super-special event), Dant's Garden reception, Marine Corps Silent Drill Team performance onthe Yard, the amazing organ concert in the Chapel(ticket) , CW parties for Firsties and family reunions all week building up to the main event !!

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    The long lead item to think about now is where you plan to stay. Many parents will rent a house for the better part of the week to allow extra space for visiting relatives/friends and gives you far more flexibility then staying in a hotel. Places around Annapolis book up well in advance, so that is probably the first thing you need to decide.

    Having attended USNA graduation last year, I would also recommend that part of the planning includes your mid.......DON'T plan ever minute of each day for them as they will also want to spend time with other mids/attend parties (perhaps on rather short notice), etc. Leave time in the plans to be flexible since some things can't really be planned ahead of time. It is a time to relax, enjoy the activities and have fun !!!!!

    While the general series of events may be similar from one year to the next, some things may also change.
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    But 2011 had VFA-143 the "Pukin Dogs". Who else can claim that honor!:biggrin: Your Mid will probabbly want to attend a lot of partys that week. Have fun and good luck.

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    The biggest decision for parents during graduation week is where to stay. The factors that go into that decision are based on your family dynamics and economic circumstances. Besides your immediate family, do you have grandparents, cousins, or family friends that want to attend. Will they find their own accomodations or do you need assist them and they will be staying with you. Depending on your family and where you have to travel from the logistics of graduation can compare to a mini-wedding plan.

    Locating Rental homes for graduation week is literally a mini cottage industry. There are homes that are geared for 4 people and there are home that can accommodate up to 20 or more. They are located close to the yard or farther away from the commotion and hub-bub of Annapolis. The pricing for homes vary between roughly $1500 for the week to over $10,000. The key point is graduation homes start booking out 1 year in advance. Not to say you could not find accommodations 3 or 4 months before graduation but you will find all the good ones have been snatched up long ago.

    Like a lot of things at the Academy the best thing to do is ask your Mid what they want. Do they want to be close to downtown or do they want to be far away. Do they/you want to have a graduation party or they may not want to host one but they want to be close enough to go to someone else's. As I stated earlier each family dynamic is different as are economic issues, There is no must do or "right way" to do this event. It's what is right for you.
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    I'll second what time2 says about allowing a lot of it to be up to your mid.

    Sure, set a couple things you really want to do with them on the yard, etc. (Supe's garden party/Glee Club/USMC family orientation/HM/SS awards were the only hard and fast ones I did with my parents), but be aware that commissioning week isn't really about you.

    Not to sound overly dramatic about it, but commissioning week is the last time for months or even years that graduating mids will see some of their best friends. Your kid will want to hang out with those people and go to their parties (which are not always parent-friendly for the entire duration). I'm not saying that your sole purpose as a parent during commissioning week is to be a designated driver for your kid so he/she can get wasted with their friends one last time, but be aware that there's going to be a lot of stuff that they will want to do without you. Your kid will probably see you again in a few months (at the very latest) at Thanksgiving or Christmas unless they deploy right away. There isn't that guarantee for their friends.

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