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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by civic29, Nov 12, 2014.

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    How do I tell how competitive my district is. I assume the number of cadets from my area, but I don't know how to find this info out. My FFR told me I was in the most competitive district in the state, but I also hear that with that more slots are readily available.
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    You can contact the MoCs office and ask directly how many applications do they typically get.

    I think you misunderstood your FFR. The way the nomination system works is every MOC at any given time can only have five cadets charged to them regardless of how competitive the state/district is. A slate can have no more than ten nominees.

    I.E. VA is very competitive compared to Montana, yet the Sens will still have the same number of cadets that are allowed to be charged.

    In VA, Northern VA is more competitive than the rural areas of VA. It is possible that there will be overall more NOVA candidates on the nomination slate because they maybe more competitive for the Sens. slate, but still only one on each of those slates can win the appointment before being sent to the national pool.

    Thus, it works the same regarding how many will be charged regardless which state you reside in.

    PS. If you don't want to contact the MOC you can look on the nomination forums on this site and see if any posters have posted in for for your district or state.
    ~ Hint if the MoCs talk or use the spread the wealth method, than you are in a competitive state. VA, TX, NY, CO, FL quickly come to mind. This method is where the MoCs will do the best not to duplicate for any candidate a nomination. Some slip through but on a whole it usually is one because the MoC staffs talk to each other before submitting their slates.
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    If your FFR didn't tell you (not sure if he can), you could try calling / asking the nominations coordinator for your MOC. But frankly, it's not something you can control. I know the waiting is hard, but you should be focusing on everything else you can control (grades, ACT/SAT scores, working on Plans B, C, D, enjoying your senior year). If you have submitted the strongest package you possibly can, there isn't much else you can do but wait.

    I'm not sure about a more competitive district = more slots, but if USMA wants you (and you have a nomination), they will find a way to get you in.
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    In very competitive districts it's fairly common to have 3-4X appointments than the number of chargeable slots for that year. Typically due to LOA's for extremely well qualified candidates. Even saw 5x one year.
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    This is a frequently asked question on this forum and I am not sure it makes any difference. You apply to your MOC based on your legal residence and from a practical standpoint, you can't easily change that. I doubt you would behave any differently during the application process reagardless of how competitive your district happens to be. I don't recommend contacting your MOC to ask them how competitive their district is, I don't think anything good would come from that.

    My advice, assume it IS competitive and always strive to do the best you can to submit a top notch application, since that is exactly what your competition is doing.

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