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    What happens to the nominees in a district or state that are not qualified when admissions picks the primary nominee from that district? Do they just toss them aside, and then choose a primary out of the remaining nominees from the district?

    What if they're just unqualified or pending on the CFA and Medical Status?

    This isn't for me, it's just my field force told that most guys who got the nomination in my district were not yet fully qualified
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    You do not have to be qualified to be on a MOCs slate but you have to be qualified to win the vacancy.
    The ones on the slate that are not qualified can not be chosen as the vacancy winner. If the vacacny winner is chosen while they are not yet qualified, then their next option is the NWL. Once they are qualified, they will be moved to the NWL.

    Remember - sometimes Admissions will wait until all files on the slate are complete to award the vacancy but sometimes they don't. It's one of those, "It just depends" type of situation.

    To be clear on the definitions:
    Qualified = 3Q'd
    1)scholastically (academics, leadership, ECs),
    2)physically (CFA) and
    3)medically (DoDMERB).

    Fully Qualified = 3Q'd + a nom

    You can not be placed on the NWL unless you are fully qualified.
    You can not receive an appointment unless you are fully qualified.
    You can not be a vacancy winner unless you are qualified (that goes for Principal noms too).

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