Competitiveness for a nomination depending on state


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Aug 5, 2007
Greetings everyone,

I have a question. Obviously without a doubt, some states are much harder to obtain a nomination from a senator/congressman than other states. True story? Can anyone tell me which place is more competitive: Virginia or California? (Ignore the districts for now) [USNA69, I know I know.. It's just a question, don't kill me for asking]

USNA69, I know I know.. It's just a question, don't kill me for asking.

Hey, we are making progress. At least now you don't appear to be planning to apply to both (and maybe a few more).

Now if I can just convince you that you don't have a choice, we will be golden. You are overseas. Until you are emancipated, your residency is determined by your active duty dad. Whatever he reports and has listed(Leave and Earning Statement, W-2, DD Form 2058, etc) applies to you.

When you apply to a MOC, somewhere along the line you will have to certify that you are a resident of their district. You are playing with fire if that district does not coincide with your dad's declared permanent residency.

I will rerererepeat that you really need to talk to your base legal officer about all of this. And after you have done so, let us know what he says.

Good luck.
I already know that I am a resident of California. My dad went through all of his stuff, but initially, when I did the precandidate questionnaire, I put down Virginia, because my dad is a taxpayer there, and that is the only place I lived in the United States. I've changed it to California, but I'm just curious if my competition chances have changed. Am I at an advantage now for competing in CA, or at a disadvantage? I know its bigger than VA.. but VA has a larger military presence? Anyone know if I am screwed or lucky...
Of course, bottom line it depends on the individual district, but as a whole Virginia is much more competitive than California.
25th district California. I've been there a couple times, but haven't truly learned much about it. Anyone know if this is one of CA's most competitive... least.. or... average.
go here:

you can click on the map - in appears to go from Death Valley to Los Angeles - have fun with that!

Truth is the competition within a district is variable - it can flucuate from year to year. This is nothing you have control over.
All you can do is the best job possible on your application. Do NOT go about it thinking it is an excercise in futility.
Don't forget you also have to apply to your Senators as well.
Good Luck!
Hmm.. in other words.... my congressional district is BIG; therefore... a nomination would be tough. By looking at the map, my congressional district looks large enough to fit Virginia in it... what do you guys think? Is it big because its mostly desert, with a spread out population?
All congressional districts have roughly the same population so nothing to worry about. One less reason for elevated blood pressure.
Nope, I just made it up. Also 62.5% of everything else I have told you over the past week, I also made up. Now you just have to figure out which is which.

Have you ever taken a course in Civics, Government, or US History? I am appalled at your lack of knowledge as to how our government works. US CItizen Quiz 101: What is the primary purpose of the census?
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USNA69 said:
All congressional districts have roughly the same population..
You sure of this?

Sigh. :rolleyes:

The number of US Representatives in Congress is fixed by law at 435.

The population of the United States is 281 million.

Therefore, each Congressional district of approx 650,000 citizens is represented by a member of the House of Representatives.

So no matter what Congressional district you are in, you are applying against the approximate same number of citizens as any candidate in another district.

The competitiveness of those districts can however vary greatly.

As USNA69 said, Virginia schools produce some of the top students in the nation, and many many of them apply to military academies, making it a VERY TOUGH place to get a nomination.

Senate nominations area different story. Each state only has 2 each, so California would be THE HARDEST to get a Senatorial nomination (2 senators for population of 34 million) while Wyoming would be the easiest (2 senators for population of less than 500,000).

These are facts taught in 7th grade civics class.
I just wanted somewhat of a logic sort of element that Luigi pointed out. Virginia = smaller population with top schools, while California has a greater population, but with a somewhat lesser interest for academy admissions.
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All kidding aside and being retired Navy. Out of the 11 districts in Virginia I would say that 4,3,1, and 8 are the most competitive. Encompassing much of Northern Virginia's suburbs of Washington, D.C., Virginia's 8th District includes Arlington County, parts of Fairfax County, and the independent cities of Alexandria and Falls Church. It has a population of over 650,000. It is a very wealthy area. I would go as far to say that anywhere on the east coast from Florida to Delaware is very military oriented and highly competitive. You need to contact Congressman Moran's office and find out their requirements for the nomination process. Also contact your two Senators. I just went through this process with my son and believe me when I say get started as soon as possible. The paper work is time consuming and everything has a deadline. Keep copies of everything you send. Do well on your academic standardized test, be in great shape when you take the CFA and round out your athletics with EC's. The Academy is looking for well rounded individuals. Follow the process step for step and it will all come together. That is how we did it. One step at a time and never read into anything. Keep it black and white. DoDMERB will let you know if you need something. The Academy will let you know if you need something. The MOC's (members of congress) will let you know what they require from you. THEY ALL have been doing this a long time. You just have to do the preliminary application and if it is deemed strong enough then you will receive a candidate number and you will be guided from there. Good luck for 2012.
Yes, I guess I am in luck then. I only lived in the states for 2 years... which happened to be in Virginia (I have a house in the 8th District area) Luckily, according to my fathers military home of record is within the 25th District of California. It's probably somewhat competitive there, but my father said its big mostly because of desert.. and a more dispersed population. I didn't know this before hand when I applied to SLS, so I actually told them I was from Virginia, but I'm sure they'll let me change it. Thanks USNA2012 dad. Very thoughtful post. That goes for everybody here.
Luckily, according to my fathers military home of record is within the 25th District of California.

Exar Ganis said:
I'm not a *******

Prove it.

Over the past week, how many PMs have we exchanged where I have tried to convince you that you have no choice from which congressional district that you apply? You are overseas and your dad is active duty and has, by regulation, declared a permanent residence. This is where you must base your application. Home of Record means nothing. Where you have lived while in the states means even less. Home of record was simply where your dad was living when he joined the military and where his household goods will be shipped when he leaves active duty.

Should you declare that you are a resident of a district and it not be true, you will have committed fraud. Some legitimate member of that district might question your residency and bring it to light. Won't look good at all to the Admissions Office. And how does it make you feel to know that you could illegially take a nomination that rightfully belongs to someone else?

Quit speculating. Quit trying to play the system to your advantage. Quit asking irrelevant questions on this forum. I think I may have mentioned this earlier (please note sarcasm), but go to your base legal office and ensure that everything I have been telling you is correct. When you go, take a copy of your dad's LES with you.

By attempting to continue to pursue an irrelevant course of action, you are wasting a lot of people's time and energy.
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I don't have to prove anything to you. Some people have a very fragile situation here. My father's W-2 or whatever the hell you were talking about means absolutely nothing, but regardless it is declared in there that he is a resident of CA. This is coming from a senior military officer who would know what he's talking about. Next, I'm not playing anything to my advantage, so how dare you make accusations that you don't know much about. Honestly, how could I play it to my advantage? You tell me that. I can only get a nomination from one state, because even if I did both (which you are blatantly implying) my appointment would probably be jeopardized.
My father's W-2 or whatever the hell you were talking about means absolutely nothing..........................................if I did both (which you are blatantly implying) my appointment would probably be jeopardized.

W-2 meaning absolutely nothing. Wrong. Big wrong. It will depict the state to which Disbursing is sending his earning, his state of permanent residency.

But we are making progress. I am happy. So long as you ignore your dad's home of record, recognize the fact that you don't have a choice, and apply to the district where your family claim's permanent residency, you are golden.

I will ignore our conversations over the past week concerning your desires to apply to multiple MOCs.

You might want to apologize to USNA2011Dad for wasting his time on a VA synopsis since you have no intention of applying there.
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USNA2011Dad: I apologize

And as for you Mr. USNA, I never said I was planning on requesting nominations from multiple MOCs. I never stated that ONCE. I asked if it was ALLOWED, and that was about it.
I never said I was planning on requesting nominations from multiple MOCs. I never stated that ONCE. I asked if it was ALLOWED, and that was about it.

I apologize for misinterpreting the following statement which you made on the "other" forum.

Yes, I am going to do the applications for both of them.