Component Release Today


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Feb 10, 2010
The Components were released today, just wondering how the MS4's did from our corner of the world.
What does this mean?

This applies to Army ROTC seniors (MS IV) who have been notified of active duty or reserve component. DMG refers to the additional Honor of being a Distinguished Military Graduate.

OML points dictate if you receive the component requested.
I remember when this topic was off the hook with (6) pages of responses.
I'm assuming this was when there were less active duty slots available so it was more competitive. This year and last year very few people who wanted active duty didn't get it.
Captain's promotion list was released as well and my daughters name was on it!!

Congratulations to your daughter. Just curious, where do Nursing Captains go for their Career Course, is it the same structure as other branches?

Fort Sam in San Antonio of course, same place she's been her entire career. :) All I know is it is (6) weeks long.