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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Guns, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Good morning everyone!

    My detachment staff has been talking to me over the last few weeks and they informed me that I might be able to commission early (if I can also graduate early, obviously). Apparentlay because of my prior-enlisted experience, they can condense the POC into a year and a half, and maybe even down to a full year if HQ AFROTC approves the waiver. From what I'm told, I can dual-enroll in the AS 300 & AS 400 courses to knock those out and apparently some form of independent study can be used to satisfy the LLAB requirement. I have showered both AFROTC Instructions 36-2010 and 36-2011, but it doesn't really go into much detail.

    I know there are other cadets who are currently doing this (my Det/CC found out because another Det in Ohio had a Prior-E cadet doing it). I'm asking if anyone has any info or experience with this.

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    I am just curious if you do this how you will meet your AFSC selection board. Typically the non-rated meets in the fall of your 400 year which means if you don't get it approved soon your packet won't be ready to be boarded. Plus, if you want to go rated than that board meets in Feb of your 300 yr., or in your case you wouldn't know if you were picked up until @3 months prior to commissioning and you would still need to get your FC1 physical.

    Like I said I am just curious how this will work logistically from a selection board perspective. I would assume it is easier if you are going non-rated, but the rated one would be harder unless they send you to the supplemental rated in the fall and do your FC1 right after the results are released. The reason why is if do not pass that FC1 than you would go to the next non-rated board which will not occur until the fall of what would have been your 400 yr or in your case 4 months after you commissioned. That is why the non-rated goes in the fall of the 400 yr. It allows those not selected from the rated board to get a non-rated. It also allows those that did not pass the FC1 over the summer to now go to the non-rated.

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