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    For those that watched it, I found three things interesting.
    1. Bruce Springsteen Fortunate Son
    ~ It can be viewed as an anti-military song.
    ~~ Bullet and I both looked at each other and said that was an interesting choice!

    2. John Oliver (comedian) was the best!
    ~ Granted probably only the AF found him hysterical!
    ~~ If you didn't see it, he basically said other branches say they get the best stuff. AF's response is it is not our fault you weren't smart enough to join us instead!
    ~~~ How many times has the AF been called the corporate or prima donnas? The typical response is it is not my fault you didn't choose wisely!

    3. Enimen
    ~ I did not see this portion. I do believe the majority of military members drop the F Bomb as often as an 18 yr old girl says the word LIKE!

    That being stated there were military FAMILIES in the audience, plus it was live streamed and I don't feel it was appropriate. Had he been on tour with the USO that is one thing, this to me was another.I turned it off as soon as he went on because I do not like his music!
    ~~ Yes, he had the right to say it. I am not debating that fact. Just saying, there is a time and a place for everything. I don't feel that this was appropriate for the occasion. There should be some decorum and if he can perform at the AMA and Grammy's without dropping an F Bomb, than why do it here!
    ~~~ Yes, there are many AD members that enjoy his music, and I hope that is why, but still this to me was showing respect to Veterans....not your 18-25 yr old demographic buyers and selling yourself...JMPO!

    So what did everyone think about the concert? I hope they do it again next year because I am going to go next year.
    ~ I will probably pay a college kid to set up a blanket at 10 am, this way I can come later and be close enough. A couple of bucks for a college kid that was going to be there anyway is worth the investment to me!:wink: what do you think the rate would be $100?
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    I took off from work to avoid the Blue Line disruptions, only to find out the commute in wasn't so bad.

    I view Bruce Springstein as anti-military. I don't especially like his voice and I think he's overrated, but I think he's a part of it for the older folks.

    Tickets were handed out to a select number of service members at DC-area bases. I'm not sure how "veterans" received them. I didn't. The concert was free, so I'm not entirely sure what the tickets were for.

    I didn't watch the concert, I was too busy making my own "music" at my banjo lesson. I know a number of people who attended and enjoyed it all. The weather was perfect too.

    At the end of the day, I guess I don't have an opinion. I don't know how centered it was on veterans, but I didn't watch so I don't really know. I don't have much of an opinion about the artists either, beyond "the boss". I have no idea why the Blue Line had to be closed down, but from what I've heard, it wasn't that big of a deal.
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    I did not see the concert, Pima, but as to your first point, it's my understanding (including from talking to Vietnam era vets) that the song "Fortunate Son" was extraordinarily popular with those who served in Vietnam. They saw it as an indictment of the elites (whether political or economic) who bang the drums for war but don't send their own children, and specifically in Vietnam they felt it captured the way economic elites could avoid front line service either through college and grad school deferments or pulling strings to get into units that would not be deployed to Vietnam.

    So, I interpret its inclusion not as an odd choice to include an anti-military song, but (1) as a song that strikes a chord (so to speak) for the Vietnam era veterans; and (2) a reference to the idea that contemporary America may be asking the members of the military and their families to do all the sacrificing for the rest of us.
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    It wasn't "popular" in my units since we were all volunteers. We listened to it as just another not extraordinary song by Credence Clearwater Revival and did not put a lot of meaning to it. As the father of a Marine Officer, Navy Ensign and a current Military Academy applicant, I agree that contemporary America does not recognize the sacrifice of those who serve. What is it 1% that stands at the walls? People sleep peaceably in their beds because rough men (women) do ready to do violence on their behalf. My daughter took me to a graduation ceremony at Paris Island. If you ever get a chance to see one by all means go. It is a great ceremony.
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    Navy Son texted me from the concert and said he went as a squad outing. He said it was the Zac Brown Band, the Black Keys, Carrie Underwood, Bruce Springsteen, Usher, Rihanna, Metalica, Eminem and a bunch of others. He said it "was wild" (to him wild means great, not like my definition of wild which means crazy). He said it was the best outing he had in months. (and BTW Pima, son said I would have loved it, so you should go next yr!)

    To be honest I am sure he didnt even notice the swearing. he swears-like-a sailor :rolleyes:

    I honestly dont care what they were singing as long as it did its job (though if you do some research on John Fogerty's thoughts when he wrote the song you will see that this was not written as an anti war song). And in my opinion "The Concert for Valor" did its job. In the last decade, the national narrative on veterans has been very focused on charity and pity. Veterans Day is a celebration of everyone who has served in the military, but it's not Memorial Day. It's a day we're supposed to celebrate especially veterans who are still with us doing amazing things all around the country.

    The bigger story here than what Bruce sang or what Marshall Mather's swore was the good that concert did. Where is that conversation?????? Meryl Streep made a speech that said “Please: Go to and read about the veterans service organizations like Semper Fi Fund and Give an Hour and Soldier On,” she said. “Find your way to give and honor the valor of those who serve.”

    None of the three organizations above have well-known brands, and their combined exposure to the audience (including Streep’s pause for a cheer) was about nine seconds long, but the impact was immediate. Semper Fi’s Web traffic spiked, helping fuel 355 contributions that totaled nearly $60,000 by night’s end. Give an Hour, which provides free mental health care to veterans, received 60 times as much money as it does on a typical day. Donations to Soldier On, which helps homeless veterans, surged to their highest level in the charity’s 13-year existence....and the list of other groups that raised huge amounts of money that were mentioned by John Oliver, Bob Woodruff,George Lopez etc etc etc is quite extensive.

    Also please remember that "The Concert for Valor" backers also back "Got Your 6" which promotes veteran empowerment.

    This is the conversation we should be having.
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