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Apr 18, 2017
In 2016 I received a concussion during a Field Hockey game. I have a MOC and Presidential nomination. I should be competitive. I am waiting for a waiver. What are my chances?
My DD needed a remedial for her prior concussion although it was three years prior. She returned the remedial with all Medical paperwork including initial date of injury and date of full release. Since my daughters club soccer team is proactive they all had baseline concussion tests so she included those with a follow up test passing the exam after release. I imagine they take into the account the severity of the concussion (read recovery time) and if they have had multiple concussions. My DD was pretty mild and clear cut documentation clearing her within two weeks so she received her dodmerb qualification shortly after she got all her paperwork in.
I would think your chances are very good at getting a waiver for a concussion. I'm guessing you only needed one since it was so recent. My son had multiple concussions growing up (wrestling, dirt bikes, football) and AROTC didn't even flinch about it.
My DS had a concussion during wrestling his freshman year. Was cleared to return quickly. He did not even need a remedial for NROTC, just had to fill out the head injury questionnaire. I think the bottom line is, with all the ROTC programs putting a high emphasis on seeking out the scholar, ATHLETE, leader, concussions are a pretty common occurrence and unless they are severe and/or repeated, they aren't a big issue.
Concussions are a unique aspect from a waiver perspective. I would say your chances vary depending on the severity of the concussion. For example, a few years back there was a USAFA candidate that did not receive a waiver after 1 concussion. Why? Because of the severity. The candidate not only lost consciousness, but was out of school for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we do not know the detail regarding how severe the concussion was.
~ My DS had a concussion in HS from playing FB. It was not severe, he went to the hospital, had a scan, returned to school a day later and was back on the field a week later.

As always it is going to be a hurry up and wait and hope for the best! Good luck