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    I had a question about conditional events as a cadet in AFROTC. I didn't do anything illegal/negative. I actually made reports to the police about crimes (one was theft; another was a robbery in progress). Being a good Samaritan I guess..

    All of those events happened while I was a non-contract cadet. I didn't report them for whatever reason. Now I am a contracted cadet. They are still not reported. To be honest, I don't know why they didn't get reported. I guess my mind processed that i was doing a good thing, vs a bad; and "AFROTC Conditional Event" never came to mind. Those events themselves were stressful/nerve-wrecking. I just wanted to get past and forget about them. And I was worried about a lot more than ROTC at those moments (ex. my life, property. etc.) So they didn't get reported within the 72 hour rule.

    I'm worried so much about getting a CE now. Would they be considered a conditional event if I reported them now (even if they were for good reasons)? Are they even CEs? Any advice on what I should do? Prior experiences? Help?...

    Thank you
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    You were not involved in these incidents, but you think because you did not report them to the police you will be in trouble?

    In essence, you think that if you saw someone shoplift at Target and did not say anything to the security guard at Target, you need to report it to your CoC within 72 hrs that you saw someone shoplift and did not tell the security guard?

    I will let Sled, NonDucor, or anybody else with more knowledge respond for better clarity, but I always thought the CE is more about YOU getting a speeding ticket and less about being a volunteer police officer reporting crimes. Now if you are saying you were there while the crime was committed than that is a whole different ball of wax.
    ~ As a rising 400 you will most likely go through a TS clearance. It is 60+ pages of questions, and at least 2 or 3 people will be interviewed (you submit those names). That interview is 30-45 minutes long. They will be asked in depth questions, such as, have you ever been involved with the police? If the crime you are talking about is something you were there at when it occurred, than talk to your CoC now, as in yesterday.

    Get in front of it. Nobody here is your CoC. Nobody here can give you true advice in that situation. It is unique. There is nothing more that an O5/6 hates more than is to be blindsided by a different authority when their subordinates had the chance to come clean before the reporting agency review landed on their desk.
    ~ IE: Govt denies TS clearance bc the 2-3 people that were interviewed said...oh yeah, he had a police incident involving xyz in 2015. He was cleared. However on your 60+ page of TS questions you answered NO to every police question.
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    You shouldn't be in trouble but if you go in and let them know your situation they will just make a note of it with a form 16. All it really does is protect you when it comes to your security clearance and if your name shows up in some records somewhere. It's easily explainable then. I've done it myself where I honestly forgot about a parking ticket I received and went in later to report it. They won't give you a CE.

    Pima, I think he's worried because it is stressed that cadets report ALL involvement with police even if you're being a good samaritan. Thank's why I've tended to report things without my name when I've needed to. He should go in, explain it, and they'll make note of it with a Form 16.

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