Conditions Never Waived?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by skymom1, May 30, 2013.

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    Is there a list of conditions never considered for a waiver?

    My DD has a condition listed in the DQ document (history of spondylolysis - an old stress fracture from sports). I have searched the DoDMERB archives and several people have inquired about waivers for this condition in the past, but no one followed up to say they received a waiver.

    I am asking because I read this posted on another thread:
    Originally Posted by Dad
    There are some medical issues which will never be considered for a waiver and some that are waived with greater frequency.

    I would encourage you to go through the process of applying and then see what DoDMERB says. Unless you have a unwaiverable condition, of course.
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    Take this and throw it away when you are done reading.

    Just go through the process, you lose only one thing....time waiting in the docs office.

    ~ They are paying for the exam. If a DQ occurs that requires a specialist, they will send them to a specialist on their dime, not yours.
    ~ If it is serious than you will be able to be proactive regarding their health.

    Waivers are not granted by DoDMERB, but by the source, i.e Army, Navy, AF, CG.

    Ten yrs ago, waivers were easier to come by, we were in 2 conflicts, the DoD budget was growing. Now our troops are coming home, the economy is still not rebounding enough for college grads, and of course the DOD budget is being cut by alot. They have enough applicants to be picky when it comes to medical waivers.

    The AF may waive, and the Navy might not. They may waive and say, only this type of career field will be allowed.

    It truly is a case by case.

    Reading Dad's quote, I would think never waived is an organ transplant even if it occurred when they were 18 months old, or cochlear implants, or even meds that must be taken daily without fail, such as diabetes.

    In the end, JMPO, waivers not being granted are not just about your child, but the lives that he will lead, and his ability to complete the mission. They are placing his life and others as their top priority.
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    I want to say I read in an ancient post that most serious sicknesses (I think this post was about an early childhood cancer) even if fully recovered from and if they occurred when very very young are still not waived.....
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    Skymom, i posted this on the DoDMERB forum back in mid Feb 2013. 2007.pdf

    You can search my posts around that time for other waiver information. This info is old. As Pima said at the time this was written we were in 2 conflicts and the budget was not an issue. Best of luck for your waiver quest.:thumb:
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    Color blindness (Coast Guard Academy)

    And I've never heard of an organ transplant recipient ever being waivered.

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