Confused/Hopeful need help


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Mar 26, 2008
First off, thank you for your advice!

I am a bit confused.....and need some help.

I am currently a senior, I submitted a Summer Session App to USAFA/USNA but did not get accepted to USAFA. (I went to NASS) On my USAFA app page it showed Not Competitive.

Once I got back from NASS I started the application process for USNA and USCGA and both apps are now complete.

Tonight I checked my DODMERB file and it showed a section for Air Force. I went to my USAFA application and now I am a candidate. I am excited but I am confused. I have already sent 2/3 MOC packets in and I left off USAFA because I was afraid I would never become a candidate.

I am not sure why all of a sudden I would become a candidate and I do not know how to rectify the nomination packets I sent in to the members of congress.

Why all of a sudden would I beocme a candidate and what do I do with the nomination packets I have already sent in???

Thanks for any help!!!
I am not sure why your status would change, but now that it has, you should take advantage of it. Contact the nomination rep for your MOC and explain that you are now interested in adding USAFA to your list. You should call them first, then follow up with a letter. The name of the contact person and their address should be available on your MOC's website. These people are used to the system and know that things can change, however, you need to be the one to inform them of the change. You still have plenty of time for them to update your application for nomination before the interviews start.

Your status can change due to a number of things:

a. Did you retake the ACT/SAT?
b. Did your ALO meet with you at all yet? (we sometimes like what we see early and send in a bunch of notes, etc., and the AFA will make a call on it)
c. Did Saturn and Jupiter align in Orion? :biggrin:

In other words...any of a LARGE number of things could have occurred. But who cares? You're now a candidate; in the hunt, and a player! That's what you want to have!!!

So get that stuff in pronto; contact your ALO if you haven't, etc...etc...

And congratulations!!!:thumb: