Oct 5, 2017
My son is (not so patiently) waiting to here from USNA on an appointment for class of 2022. His app has been complete since late summer, he has a nom, and his disqualification for orthopedic injury in preceding 6 months has been dropped (according toDoDMERB) although his portal has not yet reflected this. Once done this should 3q him...

Now to my confusion. The last 2 days he has received an email from USMA asking him to fill out an application for class of 2022. Evidently the application closes on February 28. I know what we have had to do to get him where he is for Navy and can not even begin to image completing that again in a few weeks. There is no way he could get a nom since that is done... what gives????? USMA does not need to recruit, I am positive all the academies have plenty of great people to chose from. I’m just taken back a bit as to why he would get an invite to apply at this stage. For the record, Navy is his dream school. I served in the Marines and he wants to follow suit. He never applied to USMA because he wants to be a Marine (no disrespect[emoji41] to the Army). Anyone else getting this email?
Well, since he doesn't want to go Army and wants to be a Marine like all real men :D it doesn't really matter does it? If it does matter, call USMA admissions and ask because it does seem totally weird.... unless the MOC also nominated him to USMA and your DS is unaware... then it makes sense.
My DS has also received several of those emails from USMA in the last 2 weeks and he has had an open file with USMA since January 2017 for the class of 2022. He is qualified by DoDMERB, and has green checks next to everything in his portal. Just keeping fingers crossed for a nomination.
It's just spam. My son already accepted his appointment to USMA and he keeps getting these emails to apply!
We got the same from USAFA. I think this is for statistics. The more applicants, the lower the acceptance rate and therefore the more desirable.....just my own inference.