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    I went to a dermatologist for a completely separate topic then what him and I ended up on.
    This doctor diagnosed with eczema, I'm pretty sure it wasn't true because I've never had a big rash and where he said he saw it I didn't have any itching or anything of the sort. Just a spot of some particularly dry skin and if I put on lotion it's fine.

    I talked to my NCO at my detachment and he said NOT to tell DODmerb, but I heard that they have another medical exam before you commission. Is this good advice or has he set me up for failure? I'm extremely conflicted on what to do.

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    Why were you in a dermatologist's office to begin with?
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    At least for AFROTC you will get an exit DoDMERB exam prior to commissioning.

    I have eczema. and so does my DD. You may not want to hear/read this, but I can tell you I know the difference between a dry patch and eczema. The skin looks way different. Eczema does not mean large patches. It does not mean insane itching. Does that dry patch after applying lotion disappear or do you have to keep reapplying more lotion? Do these spots keep showing up regardless of how much water you drink to hydrate your skin? Are they localized in areas like your elbows, knees, arms and in between your fingers? Do you find that you get these dry skin areas when your are under stress?