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Aug 1, 2006
Congratulations to the Naval Academy Midshipmen for another nice win over Stanford! 27USNA-9Stanford
Thanks for the first-in-the-morning pick-me-up! I hadn't gotten the news!

3-0, baby! WOO-HOO! :thumb: :shake: :yllol:
Score was 37-9. I "watched" it on Gamewatch and the Navy running game was awesome. Defense was outstanding. Passing still nothing to write home about. We have to get a passing game just to keep the defense honest. It also looks like Bobby Ross is earning his paycheck at WP.
So will the Supe grant more priveleges to the mids with an away game victory??:thumb:
That is normally the case. However, with all these wins, if he keeps it up the plebes won't have a plebe year. I thought the unspecific "sleep in" last week was kind of lame.
Dude, they can drag out in town.

Plebe year ended a long time ago. :bleh2:
Looking forward to being in Annapolis next week and watching them beat Tulsa.:biggrin:
Compared to last year, we haven't had nearly as many privileges bestowed upon us. All we got out of Air Force was a sleep-in...and '09 got a weekend. Everyone was really hoping for one, but when we didn't get that one, I gave up hope of getting anything more than a day of media until next semester.

The Sup did allow us to 'Beat Notre Dame' our chow-calls this week...under the condition that we sing their fight song as our shove-off. The upperclass were pretty curious why we were all singing this morning.

As for the 'unspecified sleep-in'...that was for showing some good spirit at the game. Spirit seems to be the mission of the current Brigade commander...but I don't mind the extra hour of sleep!