Congressional Student Leadership Conference


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Dec 30, 2007

Today in the mail i received a letter from the Congressional Student Leadership Conference and they run programs for honor roll students according to their brochures. There are many subjects to choose from such as Engineering, Medical, Media, Law and many others. The two I saw that caught my eye were Defense & Military Strategy and Intelligence & National Security. Has anyone ever heard of this program. The Defense and Military Strategy is a program ran at Military College of Georgia at North Georgia College & State University. The Intelligence & National Security program is ran at Catholic University in DC but they have speakers from USNA, the pentagon and many other places. If anyone knows any information on it please do tell me. Here is a link to there website


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My daughter attended CLC in DC for 2 years. She attended the political camp both years and LOVED it. :shake: I don't know anything specifically about the Defense/Military, or Intelligence/National Security, but Lead America seems to be a great organization. She will be attending college next fall and will be majoring in Political Science. Hope this helps.:rolleyes:
DS went to the pre-law program that was held at Johns Hopkins. He made a lot of friends and still keeps in touch with them. It was a great experience for several reasons. 1. It helped him realize that he wanted to enter the pre-law/poli sci field. 2. Decided that he didn't want to go to JH, Georgetown or American (they spent a lot of time at ea. one, lived in the dorms at JH). 3. Had a time of his life...nothing better than getting away from the folks:shake:...this also made him realize to get away from the folks in the future his grades would matter...nothing better for the folks than seeing your kid finally get it:shake:
so do you just apply online or what? is it highly competitive program to get into? how much does it cost? etc. this seems like a very interesting program.