Congressmen slate


Dec 10, 2016
I received a congressional nomination, but I did not receive the principal nomination. The person that did already received an appointment and accepted it. Does this mean that I will be put into the national waiting list to compete against everyone else? How many people are chosen from this list? Should I give up hope on being accepted to West Point?

P.S. my file is pretty competitive but my hinderance is a 1390 sat score. Top of my class of 505 and lots of sports, clubs, and some decent leadership.
If your congressman only had one slot open this year, the person who got the principal nom used that slot, and you have no other nominations, then yes, it means you now compete for a spot on the NWL. Sometimes though if a candidate has multiple nominations, West Point may use one of the other nominations if it works to open another spot for someone else it wants to open an appointment to. Theoretically the person who got the principal nomination from your congressman could be slotted elsewhere if he/she had multiple noms. More than likely though you are now competing on NWL. Keep working what you can work. Good luck.