Connection Between USNA appointment and NROTC scholarship?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by 3rdGenNavy, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Apr 22, 2016
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    Are the NROTC boards aware of whether scholarship candidates have been offered an appointment to USNA? Do they have the knowledge or power to direct a candidate one way or the other? Does acceptance of an NROTC scholarship take you off the list for a USNA appointment (or vice versa)? Thanks in advance for your response!
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    Nope, no correlation. Many of those appointed to USNA have also been awarded the NROTC scholarship. My DS was one of them. He got the NROTC scholarship first and then got the USNA appointment later.
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    My USNA portal was actually made for me because I applied to NROTC. So I was encouraged to apply to both and as I got to the point of turning down my NROTC scholarship I learned that the systems of the two don't share information
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    A few years ago my son accepted both until he was absolutely sure, so pretty sure there is no communication between the two regarding appointments. I have since learned that lots of applicants accept both until they decide.
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    ROTC is based more on merit than USNA. My brother is a Captain who sits on the Navy ROTC boards and said that in the application packages they did not know an applicant's race, gender, or ethnicity, it was strictly merit. USNA turns down more qualified white, males, due to the requirements to have a high percentage of women (last year's class was 27% women versus 16% overall women in the Navy) and fill race and ethnicity quotas. Ironically there is even a bias against alumni... only 4.7% of those accepted last year were from alumni versus 28% for Notre Dame and similar Universities. Both my brother and I are grads and my son was overqualified for USNA (in my opinion), with 3 NOMS, and received an NROTC scholarship by no appointment this year from USNA.
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