Constituent of Another District


Sep 21, 2017
So I got an interview all set and ready to go for my Congressional Nomination. But we moved to a new house in a nearby city due to personal reasons a little less than a month ago. I don’t have any connection or whatsoever in my old address. So I called the office of my previous congressman to inform them about the change of my address. Unfortunately, they told me that I can’t go on with the interview since I’m a constituent of another district. So I have to do the entire nomination process all over again for another Congressman in my current district—AND IT’S DUE IN 2 WEEKS!

My question is, how does the nomination panel, or the congressman assess my overall qualifications? Because I am still studying and will finish high school in my old school, and most of the impact I’ve made is within my old city. That of which is in my old congressional district. I’m curious because I personally think that the Congressional panel wants young men and women who have made an impact in their District and the city in which that district occupies.

It really sucks to have things that’s out of my control happen to me... but oh well, I’m still going through the process and continue to push through!

PS. I also applied for a Senator and VP nomination, just curious to see how my congressional nomination will go...
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A good package is a good package. People move, not a new thing. The MOC will have staffers who oversee the process who understand these things. Just do your best, "thrive where planted," and don't worry about things out of your control.
Agree with Capt MJ. A solid application will stand out in any district. When you go to your interview and ask questions they won’t ask if you did those things in their district. They just want to hear a well thought out coherent answer. 2 weeks isn’t fun, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are very similar applications and you can reuse parts of it.
To use your language the committee only looks for who made an impact. Period. They don't care about the district. There are plenty of people who move, as someone stated earlier. There are also plenty of people abroad who still have to apply to their congressman for a nomination. This is normal stuff.
I'm in a similar situation in that my family moved to a different town after I graduated high school (now a college reapplicant). I was initially worried that the MOC office would take issue with me having gone to high school and resided outside the district previously, but honestly I doubt they have time to worry about things like that.