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    I received the big news that I have been selected for a 4 year NROTC scholarship at Cornell university. All the schools say that the scholarship is independent from the admissions decision, yet I've read conflicting advice on this forum about whether or not to try and contact the school regardless to let them know about the placement of the scholarship. After getting rejected by some other schools already, I'm nervous and if it has any pull or at least isn't harmful, should I contact Cornell and tell them? Thanks!
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    1) Contact your Cornell admissions counselor with the info, as well as communicate your desire to enroll
    2) Coordinate with the Freshman Advisor at Cornell NROTC as required
    3) Wait
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    Congratulations! Hope you get accepted. "High above Cayuga's waters... " is literal. I hope you like walking uphill. I think all the hills there just go up! :D
    Oh yeah! What NavyNOLA said!
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    This might not apply now, but back when I received my NROTC scholarship I never applied to the school. I was in the Navy, so I just didn't think I would get it. By the time I found out it was after admission deadline. I called the school and told them that I got a scholarship and wanted to see if I could apply. They told me they could not do anything. Just as I was about to hang up and cry, I just mentioned that it was a NROTC scholarship and I just found out. At that moment, the lady said "Oh that we can work with. She made me get some info in the next week, but they took me. I was the last person admitted at the very nice university, because of that scholarship. So point is, these scholarships speak volumes about the I see no harm in calling.o_O
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    That statement usually only applies to need based financial aid when the admissions process is need blind. It may not apply to a NROTC scholarship. It cannot hurt to inform the school's admissions and contact the NROTC unit at cornell to see if they can help. Who knows, it may be the differentiator necessary for admission.

    Cornell, with a large endowment, may not care about the $$ associated with the scholarship, they may care much more about keeping the NROTC program viable and adding some more military type diversity to the school.
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    I don't think there is conflicting advice about calling just advice that calling will have an impact at some schools and not at others. It doesn't hurt to contact the unit and to let admissions know that you have been accepted for a scholarship and would like to have this noted in your application - after all, it is a selective award that should be considered by a school like Cornell as an achievement. Good luck!
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    I would at least try. Even if it is not a factor, you are no worse off than you would be now....I guess I'm saying that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting them.
    My DS reached out to both the unit and his admissions counselor at the school where his scholarship is assigned. They both told him the scholarship does not impact the admissions decision. I don't know if that is a 'standard' response or if it has any weight whatsoever. We are waiting on regular decision so we won't know for certain until those decisions come out. Best of luck.
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    My DD reached out to admissions and the school's NROTC unit as well. Admissions said they would the email in my DD's application packet. The unit just wished us luck(hopefully the luck of the Irish). :)
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