Contracting Early AROTC


Aug 14, 2017
Is it at all possible to contract my freshman year if I am a 3 Year AD winner. I am very pleased with the 3 year scholarship and I am not looking for an extra year of scholarship, but rather a chance I could be contracted right away so I could go on training the summer of freshman to sophomore year instead of waiting until the summer of sophomore to junior year.
I don't know the answer to your specific question but I will say it's possible for you to come in on day one like a ball on fire, ace the APFT, impress the cadre with your enthusiasm, get great grades and then potentially have your scholarship upgraded to a 3.5 year and be eligible to make all your dreams come true. Good luck in your endeavors!!
I was under the impression that most of the summer training opportunities are available to non-contracted cadets - I believe the only one you won't be eligible for is CULP.
Most programs will only send contracted cadets to Summer training. You do not need to be contracted to attend Project GO ( As a 3AD scholarship winner, you will not be able to contract until the first day of Sophomore year.