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    Oct 17, 2011
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    When do you contract if you are a 4 year scholarship recipient?
  2. Jcleppe

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    Feb 10, 2010
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    A little will depend on what school and battalion you end up going to.

    There are a few things that need to be completed before you contract.

    104R form needs to be completed
    All other paperwork, there is a bunch needs to be done.

    Most of all you need to pass the APFT, even if you have all your paperwork complete and you do not pass the APFT you will not contract. You only take the APFT a few times during the semester, if you don't pass you have to wait until the next test. Don't take the test lightly, most incoming freshman fail it even if you think your in great shape.

    Remember, you do not get the stipend, book money or tuition until you contract. If you are able to contract during the first semester the book money and tuition will be paid, the stipend will not start until you pass and it is not paid retroactive.

    So to answer your question, some battalions have you complete the paper work over the summer before school starts and give you the APFT during orientation, if you pass then you can contract from day one. Some battalions use the first few weeks to complete paper work and take the test, you would then contract when all that is complete.

    Like I said it varies from battalion to battalion, it would be a good question to ask the battalion you end up attending.
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    I believe one additional requirement to contract is DODMERB clearance.

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