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Nov 20, 2007
Alright, so my BGO kept nagging me back in October that I need to hurry up and get all of my stuff turned into the admissions office as soon as possible so I moved my schedule around and made an appointment with her to get my interview right away. Now, its 3 months later and she still hasn't submitted it...I keep sending emails that are subtly asking her when she is going to get it done and she keeps going "oh yeah I need to get that in" but it hasn't happened. What should I do? The only options I see can possibly affect her opinion of me: either I contact the CGO and go over her head or be like I NEED this now. However, I'm afraid she would get mad at me. Help?
If you want it, go get it.

Hey bud, this is your education. A mid a few years back told me, "If you want it, go get it." Why haven't you called her? Emails are kinda lame in my opinion. Call her.
CALL NOW! And then report back tous what happened! Good Luck!
Fear not. CGO has recently told BGOs that, if a packet is otherwise complete and a BGO interview has not been submitted, CGO will still review the packet anyway. This is to address situations like yours or situations in which the interview doesn't get conducted in a timely manner.

Rather than continue to nag your BGO, who apparently is immune to this tactic, I suggest notifying CGO that your interview was conducted on [date] and that you have followed up with your BGO by email [x times] between then and now about submitting the memo. I would do this in a very neutral and factual way -- do not get carried away with emotion, blame, frustration, or anger. This lets CGO know that you did your part and, hopefully, they'll move forward with what they have.

Finally, given that three months have passed, I'm not sure how illuminating the writeup of your interview will be, unless your BGO took copious notes.
Call her and ask her if there is a problem. Posibbly something horrible is happening in her life and your application is on the back burner. Not an excuse but a possibility. Call e-mails can be easily ignored or disappear into cyberspace. If you get no answer I probably would call again and look for another advocate. Good Luck. If you brave you can ask if you are a competitive candidate. only you know the answer to this.
CAll your BGO now

I am a BGO and the current rule is that interviews need to be submitted within 30 days of completion of the interview. Yes, the board will review your record without the BGO interview, but you would really prefer to have a complete package go to the board.

There were two good pieces of advice in the previous replies:
1. Call you BGO, no e-mail, talk to her and tell her your package is done short of her submitting the interview. Try to agree on a deadline with her, for her submission (Preferably by this Friday at the latest). Ask your BGO to put a note in your record on her BGIS page of when she will submit the interview.

2. Send an e-mail to the Admissions Office stating that you have talked to your BGO and when she plans on having the interview done. If you know who your BGO area Coordinator is, I would info him on this e-mail. As was previously stated, just state the facts and when you contacted her and what you both agreed.

Good Luck
Alright everyone thanks for the help. It got turned in...I took all of the advice and some part of it must have helped so thank you all.