Copious Waiting for Any Notifications on Several "Topics"

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    I didn’t know where else to put this thread - it is definitely not off a matter fact, it's too much on topic here on April 4 –too much ON TOPIC for too many topics!

    TOPIC #1
    Direct appt. not likely, was in NAPS pool then put in Foundation pool - so notification would go something like this?
    TWE very soon (perhaps today)? Would that letter say something about Foundation consideration, or just be a flat out no, and then later, as in May/June would a notification of Foundation – either way arrive? (DS is away right now on spring break with his Varsity baseball team playing in tournaments in another state – and the mailman’s arrival is imminent – yikes!) (USNA app. complete July 2011)

    TOPIC #2
    NROTC-Navy Option
    Application completed end of junior year (May 2011), interviewed 3 times (first two lost/incorrectly input in system) last interview mid-January – just before scholarship application deadline – thus giving the appearance of “Johnny Come Lately” (I digress, sorry:redface:). So “no decision” still appears on status page – for many, many months (there I go again, digressing…) ANYWAY…I understand that checking the status of NROTC scholarship via DoDMERB portal is no longer allowed, but a snail mail letter from DoDMERB would be the first indicator of impending good news? (DS received his QUALIFIED – USNA letter last July from DoDMERB and that is still posted on the DoDMERB portal) so another one specific to NROTC in the mailbox is what is to be stalked now? And if that arrives, then a few days later the NROTC status page changes and a snail mail letter/package arrives from NROTC? That’s the good news notification process? And the no-go news would be a status page change followed by a snail mail letter? :confused:

    TOPIC #3
    Application completed Feb. 1 just in time for 3rd Board…so yes…this was LEGITIMATELY a “Johnny Come Lately” application. But a letter from Army ROTC received in mid-January was the “sign” to finish the app. (Plus, not terribly successful outcome with the get-it-done-early-as-recommended-by-everyone operation, i.e. the NROTC app. - digress:thumbdown:) So let’s start with the “no go” notification – nothing changes on the on line status page, but a letter arrives sometime in May? And then for the good news notification…y’know, I won’t even ask about that…how hopelessly unfair to all of you who have been waiting for months and months for AROTC scholarship, -- understandably viewed as very “unsat”:mad:

    So okay…Insight into Topic 1, 2 or 3 very welcome – if you are in the same kind of boat with 2 or all three of these topics, then grab a paddle and let’s start pulling together – the shore has got be somewhere – just over the horizon now!:smile:
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    I can only address Topic #3.

    Your correct, if it is a "no go" the status will not change and you will receive a letter towards the end of May. If he is offered a scholarship the status page will change. The offers are being uploaded to CCIMS now and the applicants status pages should start to change very soon, early next week at the latest.

    Not sure I would clasify the AROTC waiting process as "Un Fair". Unlike the NROTC which does not release the dates of their boards, the Army openly lists the dates of the 3 boards. The wait times from when the boards meet and when the notifications go out has been pretty good this year compared to last year, The results for last years Jan. Board took over 2 1/2 months, that was torture for a lot of applicants. Every AROTC applicants knows the dates of the boards, it is not uncommon for many applicants to apply early and not hear anything until the final board. The first board has a small number of awardees, the second board has a few more, and the bulk come from the final board.

    The waiting these applicants go through is good preparation for military life, this is only the beginning. Through ROTC they will wait to see if they get Active Duty, wait even longer to get their branch, then wait to get their Post assignment, and wait again to get their report date, all this waithing and they haven't even finished school yet. My son applied for a branch transfer to Aviation in early October and did not get approval until mid December, waiting is part of the game.

    I'm not quite sure why there would be disatisfaction, the system is working as it has for years, not everyone will get selected the first board or even the second and many will not be selected at all, it's just the way it is.

    Of course all the reasoning in the world will not make the waiting any easier, it's just a fact of the life they are choosing.

    Good luck, I hope you hear some news soon.

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