CORTRAMID communication?


I am NOT trying for helicopter mom of the year, I swear.

And if the answer is, lady, get used to it, I’m fine with that. With a large extended family geographically dispersed, we’re accustomed to events being when and where we can make it happen.

DS will be at CORTRAMID when his birthday strikes. We can always call and leave a goofy message for whenever he gets phone access again of course. But I was wondering if there was any communication that month?

With my luck he’ll be underwater anyways (in his mind the best possible birthday ever, so really, I understand his future will be full of him being happiest away from family). Just thought maybe The experienced could set this mom’s expectations.

Edit: please do not suggest I call someone and tell them they should throw him a pizza party...
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He may or may not have communication ability via the internet that week, depending on where he is and what he's doing that week or particular day. I'm pretty sure DS's phone was taken during his summer training periods and (at least during OCS) he was able to retrieve it and make calls on Sat afternoons. So, bottom line, there is no way of knowing... just go ahead and try to reach him via internet messaging or by phone. If you reach him, great. If not leave a message.

He may be able to tell you, at some point, if he'll be reachable, but don't get your hopes up. Just the first of many times you won't be able to share the love on a special day. DS was home this past Christmas... for the first time in 3 years. Just sayin'.


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Cortramid I think they have their phones for quite a bit. Obviously sub week, especially if underway is another story. At other times, guessing cell service is limited to breaks and after hours.
Good to know. DD has been told she will be at Cortramid West—and it looks Iike it ends on her birthday. From what I’ve seen in information other years they are able to receive snail mail, so perhaps you could send a card?


How about put a card in her seabag or carry on, and tell her not to open it til her birthday! ;)
I can tell you, the last thing my DD wanted was to talk to me! I did get a quick selfie, and another photo op after a day when she was excited to be 'blowing stuff up'
My DD was also at cortramid during her birthday- and she had a blast.


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From what I’ve seen in information other years they are able to receive snail mail, so perhaps you could send a card?
Midshipmen on a CORTRAMID cruise are moving between USN bases and USMC bases. Perhaps US Mail (snail mail) will catch up with them but it is unlikely. Speaking from personal experience, you probably don't want cards arriving while at USMC training. ;)

Both my DS' and my own experiences are now dated so YMMV.


DS was at CORTRAMID west last year and had his cell phone most of the time. He was even thoughtful enough to send us pictures as he was flying in a helicopter over the Pacific looking at dolphins and whales. DS had a great times at CORTRAMID and certainly wouldn't have felt like he missed out on something if he had been there on his birthday.