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    Who exactly is considered belonging to a particular class (example 2017)? Who gets to say " I am so and so, Class of 2017. Obviously someone who started BCT and graduated USAFA is a given. What about someone who:
    1) started BCT and quits or does not finish BCT due to injury
    2) started BCT and leaves after the 1st or 2nd year for academic or medical reasons
    3) started BCT and leaves after the 3rd or 4th year for academic or medical reasons
    4) finishes the 4 years but does not graduate
    5) finishes the 4 years, graduates but does not commission <-- this one I'm pretty sure does
    6) who dies while a cadet
    7) gets dis-enrolled at any time

    This is what happens when you are waiting for a snowstorm that may or may not be something.
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    Just like any college, you have to graduate to be considered "part of that class".
    Some may graduate, but not commission. They are still part of that year's graduating class.

    As for death before graduation; typically not considered "part of the graduating class" at most institutions of higher learning.
    The USAFA may have a policy on that, I just don't know.
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    I can tell you at USNA if a Mid dies while we are at USNA we absolutely consider them to be classmates and a part of our class. We include their families in our reunions. Their names are in Memorial Hall at USNA. We also include classmate’s families who died after we graduated whether it was in uniform or out in our reunions too. The first official event for my class at all of our reunions has been a memorial service in which all of them have been recognized. Not sure on USAFA, but wouldn’t be surprised if the same.

    For those who leave USNA prior to graduation, either voluntarily or they got the boot, I guess that is a mixed answer depending on the alumni you ask. I don’t consider them a classmate. They didn’t make it to the end. Sure you have a bond with them, but it takes 4 years by the bay to earn that in my book.
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    I personally consider everyone who graduated, commission or not, a classmate, but you gotta go the distance to get that distinction. Normally people who don't commission have medical issues that come up during their time at USNA, and so failing to commission is hardly their fault. For example, a classmate of mine was paralyzed from the waist down in a freak accident our 2/C year. He graduated without a commission.
    Midshipmen who die while at school are definitely forever a member of that class.
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    At USAFA if a member of your class dies, they are forever a member of your class; and rightfully so.

    USAFA '83
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    I have had friends have this happen to them while at usafa, so here’s some thoughts from a 2018’er

    1. You can be on med-hold and told to come back the next year when your healed (thus being in a different class). If you just quit you won’t be asked to come back and try bct again.
    2. You will be in your class until you leave then you give up the right to say class of 20xx at usafa.
    3. Due to academic, honor, and possibly conduct reasons you will be forced to enlist (this giving up your class). Medical reasons will allow you to being medically retire and receive military benefits.
    4a. If you finish 4 years but don’t graduate your probably going enlisted.
    4b. You may be on late grad for the summer to finish a class you may have failed.
    5. It’s for medical reasons then you will be medically retired and receive a Golden Handshake at graduation (thus receiving diploma but not 2nd Lt bars).
    6. You will be remembered as someone in that class. The Academy will still recognize you as a member of class of 20XX. My class has someone who died freshman year and their mother became our class Mom the last three years here.
    7. You just attend another school thus being class of 20xx in that school. Except if you are a junior or senior here then you go enlisted, depending on the circumstances of being dis-enrolled.

    Usafa c/o 2018
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