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Jan 2, 2008
We are anxious and curious parents. Our son has everything in needed for his application to USMMA.How long does it usually take to here from the academy?We have been checking his application status on-line and everything is in order.Whats next? We are just anxious and excited parents hoping our sons dream comes true.
You are now in the waiting stage. Fun, isn't it :wink: . Most SA candidates hear by April. Your son can update his file with any new SAT/ACT scores, winter athletic accomplishments, any new extracurricular activities, new leadership positions, etc. We were told the same thing last year - my son had nothing new to add, so all we had to do was wait once the app was in and the nominations were in place.

Has he visited the USMMA? Now would be a good time to do that if he has not.

Here's what we did while my son was waiting:
-explored the SA websites and the military websites. This activity will use up a lot of time :smile:
-reread all the academy and ROTC materials sent to him
-spent time visiting his backup schools and learning all about them.
-found this forum and read everything :thumb:
-took long walks that included going by the mailbox several times :redface:
-started watching the military channel :cool:
-started watching cadet and midshipmen youtube videos :rolleyes:
-read books suggested on this forum - that led me to many others about the military. My son read a few books, too. :shake:

This is the time of year many are waiting. Best wishes and congratulations to your son for his accomplishments!!!
Okay, I went to the USMMA website:

And by pointing to "Fact & FAQs" and clicking on "Appointments" I found this:

Early Notification of Admission

Highly qualified candidates may receive early notification of their appointment after complete evaluation of their qualifications. All other candidates will be notified of their status on or about April 10 of the year in which they seek admission.

Hope this helps!
Appointment offered !

My son's status changed to principal on Mar. 4. He recieved his blue binder on the 7th. :biggrin: I guess they are starting to roll out the appointments. Good luck to your son!
MANY congrats yogijer!! So will he be joining the ranks of awesome KP kids this year?
In his word's !!

Heck ya!! The response was signed faxed and mailed within 10 mins. :smile:
yogijer, Wow! Many Congratulations to your son and to you and your family!