Current APFT to be retained

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by leapyear, Aug 27, 2012.

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    According to an article this morning on the Army's official website,, a determination has been made that the current 3 event Army Physical Fitness Test will be retained for the forseeable future. While a new 5 event APFT has been extensively tested for the past year, and many felt that a switch to the new test was imminent, TRADOC has determined that "implementing changes to how the Army assesses physical fitness would be premature." Rather, the Army will initiate a new study to determine the best measure of baseline fitness.
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    surprises me a little that there was so much support for expanding the test, and then... never mind.

    I suspect this has to do with Budget. It costs $$ to roll out a new procedure, and maybe the money just isn't there to justify hundreds of thousands of dollars to train the 270 Host Battalion cadre in the new methodology, and monitor that it is effectively measuring what the Army wants measured.
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    You could be right about it being a budget issue. Considering the cost for the 270 Host battalions, just think of the cost Army wide, let alone the added time the new test would take compared to the one they have now.

    At least they didn't implement the new test service wide and then cancel. That cost would at least never compare of the fiasco with the ACU's and the millions spent before realizing what everyone else already knew, .....they only work in a gravel pit. Gotta love the Army sometimes.

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