Current cadet advice?


Mar 12, 2017
I am bringing my DS (applying for class 2022) to the AFA this weekend to tour the campus on Monday April 3rd. Are there any suggestions of things we should make a point to see in the area or on base that might not be covered in our escorted tour?
Beyond the guided tour you won't have access to the cadet area so I highly recommend you get as much school and cadet-related questions as possible answered then. I'm not sure what all the tour includes, but the visitor center has some shopping and good information. Other than that, Colorado Springs is an awesome city. If you're looking for touristy things to do check out Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and downtown Springs.
To piggyback on Hoodlum's post, you may want to write down all of your questions prior to taking the tour. I do this when I go to the doctor. Oftentimes info goes off on a tangent & one could become distracted, & forget to ask all questions he has. DS (& you could have your questions as they might be different) could have them on his phone for ease of access. Some to ask a cadet, some for Academy staff to answer.
If you are going on an afternoon tour most likely your tour guide will be a current cadet. I would have your son or daughter ask them the cadet life questions during the tour because things change from year to year so they'd have the most up-to-date info. The admissions type questions I would ask during or after the briefing which is before that because these cadet tour guides often do not have answers to specific questions. Like was said earlier, write the questions down before you go.
We took our DS for a tour during his sophomore year in HS. The tour was split up with one for the student and one for other family members. It was a great chance for us to ask questions as a parent, and for the students to ask more cadet life related questions. USAFA did a nice job with the tour. After the tour we drove around campus and looked around which was beautiful.

My DS then applied and went to SS the following summer. SS gives them a better opportunity to experience a watered down life as a Cadet for a week. It is a great way to really see if a SA is for you before you get too far into the application process.

As for Colorado Springs it is a fun area to explore. Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak are beautiful areas. If you haven't been before then I certainly suggest taking a look.