Current list of Midshipman available?


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Jun 28, 2008
2 Questions:

1. Is there a current list of the Midshipman at USNA with their hometown
and state available?

2. Does the USNA keep records of how many Midshipman a certain
high school has sent in the past?

The reason I ask is because I can't find anyone in our area who has known anyone that has attended the USNA. Our local high school officials don't recall of anyone even ever applying to the USNA. I would like to know if anyone ever attended the USNA from our county school district. I would also like to find current Midshipmen and their families who live in our general area.

I did see a honor roll from the USNA posted somewhere with names and hometowns but can't no longer find it.

They don't post a list of mids publicly due to privacy/security reasons. Even BGOs can't typically get a list.
I think I recently saw a 2012 T-shirt for sale with names of the new Plebes on the back. My nephew graduated from the Air Force Academy about 10 years ago and sent my son a similiar type T-shirt with all the names of his class on the back. You would think if this is done a list would be made public? Granted, the hometown and state weren't on the shirts. I guess I could possibly contact the nearest area USNA Parents Club.
I know our Regional BGO has this information - He answered that exact question for me. I saw him at our local "send off" for the Plebes heading to USNA and he let me see the current list of all the accepted Plebes from his entire area, not just the ones who have joined our parent's club.

He and I have a long standing friendship and he knows and trusts me with info, so I can't speak for whether or not he offers this to anyone who asks, but you could find out who your Regional BGO is and ask him that question.

The other people to ask are your children's school counsellors and any local high schools in your district's counsellors or career people - whoever it is that is assigned to help juniors and seniors with college plans.

When my girl was in high school, this person knew all the previous high school people who went USNA since she had been in the job for 15 years...

so these are 2 resources to check out.