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Nov 28, 2008
My son is attending the CVW in two weeks and I had a few questions. We did not receive the paperwork yet, but BGO said it would be here this week. I need to know what time my son needs to be there on Thursday. I need to request personal days at work. I was also wondering if anyone had suggestions on a place for me to stay?
Thanks very much!
Where to Stay?

I was also wondering if anyone had suggestions on a place for me to stay?
Thanks very much!

The Best Western on Riva Road is usually reasonably priced and often available. It is out by the mall.

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Annapolis Hotels

There was a thread last week with several posts on Annapolis hotels, pros and cons of staying downtown vs. 6-8 miles away near the Mall. Might be worth a search.
The usual business properties are on/near Riva Rd., just off US50: Hampton Inn, Springhill Inn and Suites, Marriott Courtyard Inn, Hilton Garden Inn.
The Days Inn on Riva Rd. was converted to a Holiday Inn Express last year.
Downtown, there are several B&B's. I recommend Gibson's Lodgings, with its own off-street parking (some don't have), on Prince George St. near USNA walk gate.
There is also a Waterfront Marriott, Loew's Annapolis, Westin.
There's also a Navy Lodge on the other side of the Severn River in the NSA complex if anyone has the military ID to stay there.
Hotels around Annapolis

I've had some good experiences using Priceline and bidding for 3 and 4 star hotels for several "off- weekend" visits to Annapolis....snagged the Westin :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:more then once for less than $80/night.....Sheraton next to the Mall for about $60 last August.
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B&B Inns just outside the gate

Lot's of good B&Bs within walking distance of City Dock(shopping , restaurants) and USNA's Gate 1 also.:thumb:

Stayed at 201 ( was very nice, with off street parking....easy walking to USNA...lots' of others many choices, so little time :confused:.... suggest a google search....
Georgian House looks appealing....(
The Best Western on Riva Road is usually reasonably priced and often available. It is out by the mall.

USNA 2007 Dad

My wife and I stayed there, it was very reasonable and convenient to Navy/Marine Corps stadium bus drop off.
My wife and I love to stay at the Scotlaur above Chick & Ruth's. Just about the quintessential Annapolis experience.

The Governor Calvert is also a wonderful place, but a bit more in price.

I highly recommend you stay in Annapolis to further enjoy the experience as a parent.
did anyone who is attending january CVW receive a letter from USNA that had logistics and stuff? I was told one was mailed out at the begining of the week but i still havnt gotten it yet.

My son got his on Wednesday.
Registration is at 4:30. (Mitscher Auditorium)
Light meal and beverages avail. for candidates. Please arrive no later than 5:00pm.
Appropriate attire: tasteful, comfortable casual clothes. Bring pillow, sheets/linens, a towel, toiletries, workout gear and swim wear.
Visit officially ends on Saturday around 11:00
*Must bring letter and valid picture ID to get you and guests on to the Naval Academy. Also serves as parking pass.

Hope this is helpful.
thanks for the info, my letter arrived yesterday. anyone have a clue how many candidates are usually at a CVW?
When I went there were 1,000 invites but only 150 attendees. However, you really don't see any other drags except the about two others in your assigned company.
Parents:if you are going to Annapolis, make sure that you set up a meeting place for the end of CVW.

Many drags - accompanied by their host plan to meet the parents at the visitor center or Mid Store Parking lot about 11:00. Cell phone coverage on the yard can be spotty so have a plan before hand and then expect to wait should they run late from SMT.
A sleeping bag should be fine since you're going to be sleeping on a cot anyway. When I went in November I brought sheets, and to tell you the truth a sleeping bag would probably have been better. That way you can simply fold it up with the cot in the mornings so that your plebe can maintain "Bravo" conditions in his/her room.
Thanks for the info. We are both really looking forward to the weekend. My son is bringing a sleeping bag.
He plans on wearing khakis and long sleeved polo or sweaters. Are sneakers okay or should he have dress shoes?
Jerzgirl, I am going to be there with my son too. Driving him there. On the shoes I have heard either, but a response from one of the plebes or mids would be nice. Thanks for the comment about the sleeping bag. Sure will make things easier.