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    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had any insight as to what the CVW is all about? I'm leaving next week for it and I'm so excited! They gave us a packing list, but it was not too thorough. What should I bring to wear during the course of the day (aside from workout gear?) I'm a girl, btw. Thanks!
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    Hey Aly,

    I went on a CVW in October and I loved it! It is basically to give you a synopsis of life as a plebe at USNA. On thursday evening, I met my host and his roommates and we hung out in his room. On Friday, I went to the company workout and then attended morning classes with my host. After lunch, I went to a mandatory STEM briefing. The briefing consisted of a Q&A session and then a tour of the various engineering labs in Rickover Hall.

    That particular weekend, SMT was simply a big game of ultimate frisbee! The weekend is not for USNA to evaluate you, it is simply for you to see the brigade from the eyes of a plebe. As others on these forums have said, be sure to show interest in activities. Even if it means waking up a few minutes earlier, go with your host to a morning workout. Ask lots of specific questions and don't be afraid to talk to upperclassmen. Many firsties I met had interesting reasons for their service selections.

    On items to bring, you won't need much more than what they told you. It says clothing is casual, but I encourage you to dress professionally and conservatively. Many candidates wore jeans and t-shirts to class--this seemed to be fine, but I aimed to make a good impression by wearing a polo and khakis. You will also want to bring sweats and a t-shirt in case you are hanging out in your host's room on Friday night. Since your CVW is in late November, be sure to bring weather-appropriate workout gear. At night, you will be sleeping on a cot, so you probably won't want to bring bed linens. I brought a sleeping bag and a pillow and that was fine.

    Overall, just relax and enjoy your time at USNA! Remember to ask lots of questions and show interest in your host's activities. Have fun!!
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    You definitely want to bring a polo/khakis and a belt (with appropriate cold-weather gear). There's alot of discontent in the brigade about candidates under-dressing for CVW (i.e. tshirts, blue jeans, gym shorts). Also, don't bring 'GO NAVY' gear unless you want to get second looks. And don't be that guy/gal to show up in full JROTC uniform....

    The cots you'll be sleeping on are very, very uncomfortable. Bring extra padding. Don't forget a pillow. Hopefully one of the roomates will be gone or DOR'ed and you'll get to sleep in their rack.

    Be professional.

    Have lots of questions. You can come with some, yes, but you'll observe a lot too. So if you don't know why people are sprinting down the hallways or making loud sounds, don't be afraid to ask. :thumb:

    Try to get close with your host because they'll be a wealth of information if you manage to keep in contact.

    Other than that, enjoy your CVW. Have fun and experience as much as you can.
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    I highly recommend the polo and khakis for classes if you have them. If you don't, wear what you have. Think "business casual" here, not "high school casual".

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