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Nov 28, 2008
Do I have to excercise and swim at the cvw because in my letter it says bring swimming and excercise gear?
That's what I'm expecting. I'm not sure if we'll be required to PT or what, but I know there will be physical activity involved. When are you going?

Kind of an aside: am I going to look like a poser if I wear Navy gear while I'm there? I'm just trying to fit in.

hey i went to CVW in November, and for what it's worth, I did not do any PT. It all really depends on the company you are assigned. I would bring some PT and swim gear just in case. Oh, and bring some money for some souvenirs and Drydock (restaurant in Dahlgren).
Candidates at the November CVW had their weekend truncated a bit as the mids boarded buses early Sat morning to travel to Baltimore for the Notre Dame game. So, that was a missed opportunity for PT. I think it depends upon who the mid dragging you is and what company they are in. Be prepared!
When I went in October, we had PT Friday morning (This is different for all companies). This was optional for drags, and one of the other drags in the company I was assigned to didn't do it. Then there is SMT (Saturday Morning Training), where your company could do anything from swimming to the E course to visiting the Holocaust Museum in DC. Almost everything is optional but I would definitely recommend doing it all.