D and R Code Question for ret NavyHM


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Aug 31, 2006
RetNavyHM, would appreciate your help on this question: Son's results were initially posted on DoDMERB website with status as "Application Under DoDMERB Review" with the code R252.80 (Orthodontic Appliances Report).

We were waiting for the DoDMERB letter before submitting the required certification from the Orthodontist that the treatment would be completed prior to SA entry.

Today, we noticed that status had changed to "Remedial Status/Post Waiver Review" and the R252.80 had changed to D004.00 (Orthodontic Appliances). My interpretation is that they aren't going to ask for the Orthodontist certification. Son meets all the requirements stated in the R252.80 regarding completion of treatment, etc.

Should we submit the Orthodontist certifcation anyway? How do we get the D code changed?

Thanks for all your help in advance and for all you're doing for all the candidates on this forum.


DoDMERB has changed their processing of dental items this year due to issues that happened at induction day this year at multiple service academies. DoDMERB no longer has a dentist or dental technician assigned to them, so they are "playing it safe" with all dental issues this year, and leaving the decision to the wavier authorities.

What you first saw, was the DoDMERB reviewer had reviewed your sons case and forwarded into the DoDMERB physician for the disqualification. So the next thing you saw was when the file had returned to the reviewer and they added the disqualification. DoDMERB will not remove the disqualification until your sons braces have been removed.

I would get your son's orthodontist to provide a letter with all the information requested in the R252.80 and submit that to DoDMERB (you can print it off the DoDMERB web site). Depending on which service academy or ROTC program your son is applying for your son may also need to request a wavier from the service academy or ROTC program. As long as the orthodontist states that the braces will be off prior to induction day there should be no reason for the waiver authority not to grant the waiver.

As a little side note, the service academies and ROTC programs do not have a limit to the number of medical waivers that they can approve.

I know that this seems like a huge hurdle, but it really isn't, its more of a small speed bump. Your son's admissions package will continue to be processed, and a conditional acceptance letter (pending clearance of medical) can still be issued.
RetNavyHM -- many thanks for clearing up the "process" for us. We'll get to work on it.