D102.70 Pulmonary embolism/systemic embolization


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Nov 20, 2008

I currently am attending Colorado State University on an AFROTC Scholarship. I have had a medical review done and they have been disqualified. From what I understand my case has been sent on to request a waiver for my condition.
I was given a description of D102.70 Pulomonary embolism/systemic embolism. I am sure that is the only classification they had.
To be specific I had Paget-Schroeder Syndrome. I wanted to be a quarterback my freshman year at St. Mark's School so, I threw the football about repetitively every day during the summer. Which built up my muscle on my upper arm, my throwing arm. That is what led to the problem. My obstruction was in the vein of my right shoulder. They removed my first rib to relieve the pressure in the thoracic outlet area.
All of this happened in my freshman year. I went on to earn 10 athletic letters as well as many extracurricular activities including mountain climbing every summer.
My doctor, Dr Bertram L. Smith assured me that, like many professional athletes he had worked with, I would have no further problem with it and Dr. Smith was correct.
I have fully recovered and I feel I should not penalized for my tenacity and aspirations. I want to serve my country to the best of my ability.
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AndyE - The fact you received that determination from DoDMERB does NOT, say again, DOES NOT, mean U R being penalized. What it does mean....just relying on what you stated below, is that you had a significant medical event in your history that requires closer scrutiny before the DoD or AF makes this type investment in you and you in them. I can be far more accurate late tonight...provided...you send me an email with your full names and last 4 of your SSN (Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil):thumb:
D102.70 Pulmonary embolism/systemic embolization

I too have suffered from a pulmonary embolism.

I am a highly active and decorated athlete who was recently awarded the NROTC scholarship at a prestigious university (And accepted the offer) for next year, however, I fear that the pulmonary embolism will disqualify me from service to my country and that I may not receive a waiver.

It happened once — a year ago without explanation — and has not occurred since. Since then I have completed a 6-month regiment of warfarin, heparin during athletic seasons, and my doctors have since determined that I no longer need treatment.

I have yet to be contacted by DODMerb for an appointment but want to be prepared ... What specific documentation/information should I have available and start gathering now?

(Coincidentally, I desire to work in information warfare/intelligence/cryptics, and have read that those jobs are usually only granted to NROTC officers with medical waivers or more senior officers ... any advice on that, considering my incident above, I would be very grateful for.)

Thank you!