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Feb 26, 2017
So I was disqualified for Army and Navy for

D155.40 Distant visual acuity that does not correct to an acceptable standard
D155.41 Distant visual acuity not correctable to 20/20 in each eye.

On my form however it says it is correctable to 20/20. I have attached the form and what the website says. Also Air Force only had one remedial that I completed but it still says remedial requested but there is nothing under it.


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The form that you attached if from your physical exam, not your eye exam. It is the information provided by the eye doctor that is what DoDMERB is using to evaluate your vision and issue the DQ.
I am not sure what your question is.
Do you agree with the findings that your vision does not correct to 20/20? If you disagree, you need to get in front of it, by contacting DoDMERB. Find out what the eye exam results were and find out how you can provide additional medical information. However the medical opinion from the doctor DoDMERB contracted to do you eye evaluation will carry a lot of weight in there determination.
For Army vision not correctable to 20/20 is one of the few conditions that is not waiverable. There are some additional criteria, see https://www.jmu.edu/rotc/prospective-cadets/Non-waiverable medical conditions.pdf That may be why there is not additonal action requred by Army, it is going to be an automatic no waiver.
Thank you. But whats up with the Air Force ROTC? I had a Remedial for it that I completed but the Status hasn't updated.