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    I am looking for any insight as to what life at USNA is like for women. How much time is there to shower? What is it like socially for women? How does daily life change if you are a varsity athlete (overnights, etc)? And in general, what is a daily life at USNA like for midshipmen? Thank you!
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    I'll post something more thorough later, but daily life is generally not that different between men and women. There are some social nuances that can be difficult to explain.

    Unless you are used to luxurious multi-hour showers, you will have time to shower. Over plebe summer you will be pressed for time, but you will have enough time to get clean.
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    You can

    Read the book "Sense of Honor" by James Webb and get a pretty good idea. Showers aren't usually items of great concern to academy applicants.

    It is a kinder and gentler Navy now, but there will be little time for luxury showers. That being said, I have been on the yard many, many times and never been offended by the malodorous stench of a female mid. :rolleyes:

    That book is great... but a more accurate depiction of academy life years ago. Some of the descriptions and portrayals are shocking. It really is a good book to entertain those of us that can't get enough academy stuff.:thumb:
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    How much things have changed

    For a sense of just how much things have changed in the last 100 years, check out the chapter "The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy to Fail" in Robert Heinlein's _Time Enough For Love_. The tale is set at the Naval Academy early in the 20th century, when plebes were apparently beaten with broomsticks by upperclassmen! Heinlein did attend the Naval Academy, and presumably was not exaggerating.
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    I don't think that a book about USNA in the 1960s -- when it was an all-male institution -- provides any insight into life for women at USNA today.

    Read it if you like history, not if you want a view of modern life at the Academy.
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    What's life like for a woman at NA?

    Got this text from my DD (a 1/C) last night...

    "Sorry I can't talk tonight too much homework and a paper due. Maybe tomorrow."

    So as Hurricane12 said: not much different from the guys. :eek:

    My DD has never complained about lack of time for hygene. And my observations of her and her freinds and teammates shows that they have plenty of time to make themselves look lady-like. But yes, the plebe haircut is a pain.

    Socially, we see her mostly with girlfriends as we visit often to watch her play softball. They seem to enjoy each others company greatly.

    She hasn't mentioned being uncomfortable in any situation but that is probably due to her personality or it could be just not wanting mom and dad to know everything.

    Get appointed.

    Once past I-day you and your shipmates will work it all out.
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    USNA 1985 and OSDAD are spot on.

    I was there during the transition years and Senator/Secretary Webb's book was even dated then..however worthwhile a read.
    I was with DD and her friends this fall (class of 17) and one of them asked what I saw was the biggest difference from my time...my answer was the acceptance, treatment, and integration of women...you will work hard, have fun and there will be frustrations, just like for the men.
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    My DD loves it. She used to take long showers. Now she doesn't. She used to sleep in. Now she doesn't. She didn't run distances in HS. Now she does. She still says Sir. She still studies long hours. She doesn't watch TV anymore and thinks I am recording her reality TV shows for when she comes home on leave...not. She still has friends. She loves the academic environment. She has roommates now. She didn't growing up.

    All good stuff.

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