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    To Admiral Gurnon and the Cadets and Crew of the Training Ship KENNEDY:

    I know that the last four days have been trying for you as the Maritime Administration asked for you to prepare to stand ready to assist in Operation Unified Response in Haiti. In the greatest of traditions - seafarers immediately willing to assist others in need - you readily stood by to offer any and all aid.

    At this time the requirements of the Defense and State Departments will be met by other naval assets and thus the stand down order to the KENNEDY was issued by me this evening. ᅠ appreciate all that the Mass Maritime Cadets and Crew prepared to do to offer their assistance.

    You rightly showed that the U.S. Merchant Marine has capacity and capability that can be uniquely suited for disaster assistance from the sea. While your specific efforts are not required at this time, note that other merchant mariners, sailors, marines and coast guardsman, similar to you in dedication, will be assisting in Haiti. Finally, we all know how quickly circumstances can change, and I know that you will be just as ready to assist if called upon later.

    As this day of service closes, from all at the Maritime Administration and the Department of Transportation, I want to thank you again for your patience and wish you God's Speed during your training cruise.

    Come home safely.

    Best regards, David T. Matsuda Acting Maritime Administrator

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    Many thanks to Fugi for posting the above. What a comfort it is to know our young cadets of MMA stand at the ready to help in time of any need. Kudos to that great group of dedicated young people. :thumb:

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