DD passed APFT - what's next

Jan 25, 2017
My DD just passed her AROTC PFT. She's a four year scholarship award winner. Rather than bother her with more questions I'll ask the forum a few questions. How soon can she expect to sign her contract? When will stipend payments occur?
If she is DODMERB qualified and has completed all of her paperwork, she can be contracted this week. Stipend starts as of the contract date. If it is not a full month, it will be prorated.
Last year my DD's freshman stipend was $300 with two $150 payments a month and the first payment was prorated. There has been talk on this board that the amounts are changing but my DD has not heard any talk of that. So if same as last year $300 freshman, $350 sophomore,$450 junior, $500 for seniors.