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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by LadderdaddyO, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Hello everyone.
    I just received a PM from a parent that was going through the same confusing process of helping DD/DS trying to get appointed to a service academy(2014). So I figured I would update everyone on DD.
    Well after a long 7 weeks of plebe summer (longer for the wife and I) she has come out standing a little taller. For anyone read this hoping to enter the Class Of 2015 let me give you a word of advise. Make sure you are in the best physical shape of your life. If you are it will make plebe summer bearable, maybe even almost enjoyable. DD said the ones having a hard time, were the ones that weren't in tiptop shape.
    We've only talked a few times since school has started but she sounds good and said to me during a call "I really like it here. I made the right choice"
    Now DS has stated the process for the Class of 2015. Back to the drawing board.
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    Great news! and ditto regarding your comments on being in good shape. It made all the difference for my son this summer. I would also recommend kids to go camping without ipods, head out on trips with school or groups (without your own parents) get away from the house and learn to be happy on your own. Heck, go to the movies by yourself even and meet new friends! Get over the homesickness....that seemed to do in quite a few kids.

    My son is happy at USNA, likes his company and even likes his classes. He's joined a few clubs and groups and wishes he had more sleep! Sounds like he's living the dream!! :smile:
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    From personal experience many years ago, physical fitness is a major factor in withstanding Plebe Summer (and after). We all know when we are in good shape, and our performance shows it. Annapolis is almost unbearably hot and humid during the summer and it will wipe you out if you aren't fit. One of the best sports for a candidate is cross country running - it builds fitness, stamina, and recovery. A plebe does not have much, if any, spare time and no opportunity to steal a nap, and a fatigued plebe is especially prone to making more errors than is healthy for any plebe. The cure: be at the top of your fitness curve when you report! Glad to hear your plebes are happy with their decisions and sincere best wishes.
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    Most sleep he'll get here, by at least 2 hours per night.

    The summer isn't hard physically, but the ones that are not fit clearly stand out.

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