Deadliest Catch


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Nov 28, 2007
I must admit I love this show, but everytime I watch it and see the CG come in, I just keep thinking wow, this is too scary for me to watch. This episode they showed the CG coming in and doing a medivac.

I know Bullet has a dangerous job, but to hear the pilot say we have ice on the blades in such a calm voice and we need to head back is mind boggling, especially knowing that if the helo drops in the ocean they will all die!

Bless the CG!

Happy 4th to all
Haha, I watched an epsiode and recognized the Coasties boarding from a 378' (I forget which cutter it was). That was exciting for me, but unfortunately, that was the only Deadliest Catch I've seen with the Coast Guard in it.
Like I said it is way too scary for me!

I sold a home in VA where the seller was pcsing to LA...when Katrina hit, all I could do was think about his family and what they were enduring.

I will say this the CG are the unsung heroes...we all need to hire a great marketing firm so the US knows that!

We have a dear friend who is an 0-6 in the AF, he applied to the USAFA and USCGA, accepted to both. 5 months ago over dinner I asked why he chose the AFA, hhe said he wasn't sure. He added everytime he took the Strike Eagle out in AK, he was sure he would make it home b/c of the CG. He also stated that even though he was a pilot in a great plane, he still wanted to be in the CG!

Everytime I watch Deadliest Catch with the rescues..I get that!
I saw the above-mentioned episode of Deadliest Catch today, the one with the USCG boarding team doing the inspection of the fishing vessel.

They were from the USCGC Midgett (WHEC 726). :wave:
I saw the Guardian a few days ago for the first time. Seems like a good movie for the coast guard. What do you think LITS?
I liked it Hornetguy. It showed the Coast Guard is a positive light, had a good deal of actually USCG participation, both in the planning and many times acting. While some Coasties, especially in the afloat community will talk about how more ships should have been involved, and some in the aviation community may have issues with very specific parts of the rescues, the end product is positive.

My best friend's cutter was in the background in a scene, and my soccer coach was featured in the bonus footage.

All in all, I give it :thumb::thumb:
That movie scared me too:eek: I am a woos when it comes to these things, (I sit there with the pillow over my face sayin lalalalal, can I look yet honey?

Something about freezing to death in the water is just not appealing to me:frown: I love Alaska, but would never want Bullet doing any of the jobs they have there!

The thought that so many lives are in your hands if you don't get to them, while you need to be concerned for yourself and your crew leaves me speechless.

Just call me chicken!