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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by danbucchin, Feb 4, 2013.

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    I received 3 year scholarships to University of Delaware, Boston University, and Syracuse University. I am not sure which to choose. I plan on visiting all these schools and doing further research on the schools as well as their ROTC programs. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge about the ROTC programs at these schools and could help me out. ex: do any of them offer free or reduced room and board, do they have tutors for academic help, does the military science course appear on your transcripts/ can I receive a leadership minor, which school will make me the best officer, etc. Any input would be appreciated thank you.
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    Can't speak to these specific schools. However, one of the questions you might add to your list is: Are there any military bases nearby that you use for training? How often?

    There is a sticky thread at the top of the forum that discusses Room and Board. Read through it to see if your schools are on the list... but since you will need to verify it anyway, why not just ask admissions at the schools?

    Whether or not you get credit for the Military Science classes depends on the school. If you get credit for it, it will show up on your transcript. Also whether you can get either a leadership or military science minor depends on the college. All of these questions are easily answered through a review of the college catalog and/or catalog of courses. Most schools have these on line. Not to be rude or impolite, but do a little research. You can easily answer these questions on your own, probably within an hour. I'd go figure it out for you but I have other things to do right now.
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    Pick up the phone and call the cadre at those schools.

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