Declining a scholarship


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Sep 18, 2016
My daughter was awarded and accepted an Army scholarship, 3 year. She didn't get accepted to the school of acceptance and decided against Army Rotc. How does she decline the scholarship? Is there a form? Where would she send it?

Thanks in advance.
I would simply write a brief letter to AROTC Cadet Command in KY and attach a copy if the award letter.

You can also scan and email it, but choose only one method.

It would be helpful to copy the Army ROO of the college that the scholarship was associated with.

Perhaps our forum ROO's may have a different suggestion, but this is what I would have done.

Here is Cadet Command's email:

contact the Scholarship Branch at
Op , does she have any interest in trying to transfer the scholarship to another school? Does the admissions office know she has a 3 yr scholarship in hand? Schools may look a little more favorably on a applicant if they know they can charger the full rack rate. Lots of things to do before walking away from $75-$100k.
It's definitely worth a try to email whoever the ROTC contact is at the school that she wasn't accepted . They may be able help her gain acceptance. I personally have known of this happening.
I am not 100% sure, but I think the OP's daughter also received an AFROTC scholarship, and she might be pursuing that instead.
A simple email to Cadet Command and/or the ROO at offered school will suffice. Even if you don't decline it, when school starts and you don't show up the offer will be withdrawn.