Defense budget cutbacks

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by 040726, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Is there any chance that NROTC Scholarships will be cut because of the defense budget cuts?
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    Yes, but probably not directly due to the budget cuts. It's going to depend on how the budget cuts affect overall manpower. The fewer enlisted in the Navy and Marines the fewer officers they will need... so in that sense it will. They'll still need to make sure they have enough officers and they aren't going to destroy their seed corn. That being said, I'm sure if they can get the quality and number of officers they need without the recruiting inducement of the scholarships they'll do so.
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    I feel they are offering the slightly less scholarships and instead of 4 year, many are getting 3 year A.D.'s instead. Particularly I see this in my battalion. The current MS4's were all offered 4 year scholarships. MS3's were the same way but slightly fewer were initially offered scholarships. The current MS2's was a mix of 4 year and 3 year A.D's. My class, we only had one cadet with a 4 year. The rest were 3 year A.D's. Something I noticed and I feel it makes sense. Any others see something at their battalion? or I am connecting invisible dots?
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    This has been an intentional policy that both Clarkson and Marist have discussed. That policy is to award more 3 yr AD scholarships to higher cost privates and more 4 year to in-state publics. Has nothing to do with the upcoming defense cuts.

    All of those who have AROTC scholarships should have no reason to think about what congress is talking about. Two reasons - the scholarship money is a small expense that is necessary to attract the best candidates to ROTC and there will always be a need for newly minted lieutenants in the Army. If they decide to "downsize" the AD force, this can be accomplished by commissioning more reservists and fewer AD. The second reason is that this is something that you cannot control.

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