Dental Xrays


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Apr 3, 2007
Son was cleared by Dodmerb then had his wisdom teeth out. Does that need to be reported in advance of Indoc? I understand dental xrays need to be submitted at Indoc so I plan on getting new xrays done (they are due anyway) that will show no wisdom teeth.

Also in reading 2010 Indoc package I saw where they needed to get forms filled out by family physican, is that done on top of being qualified by Dodmerb? Our physican retired this year.
Hi Supportmom, no need to report the wisdom teeth extraction prior to Indoc. They want the xrays if you are able to provide them. It helps out dental services a great deal if the kids send them in. The xrays aren't one of the mandatory items but they strongly request it.

As to the forms.... Well, its been a few years for me but I'm thinking they send you a few things such as immunization records & such to be filled out by your Doc. I'm positive this has nothing to do with Dodmerb, just for the academy. Perhaps call Patton Hall & ask for suggestions on what to do when your family Doctor retires. Their number is: (516) 773-5511 Also, if your family doctor has retired, hopefully he turned his patients over to someone? That'll be a chore to figure out. Good luck with it.

Truly, never be afraid to call the academy with questions. All that paper work is a tad confusing & they know it so they are kind in their help.
Jamzmom....can you explain the medical insurance thing to me? Do we need to keep our blue cross/blue shield on our son while attending KP?
Thats a loaded question sometimes. See my response in the #6 post of the following:

The academy recommends that you keep your kid on your policy should unforeseen severe illness occur. I have BCBS as well. You'll need to get your hands on that proof that I speak about in the thread & send it to them. One phone call to the academy after your son is enrolled will take care of the matter. And I might add that you might need to do it again in two years as I guess they want to make sure your kid is still there. My kid has been through a few illnesses - bronchitis, ect. & the academy has taken care of it. I've never seen a medical bill. :thumb:
Thanks again!

You are awesome and so very helpful! Thanks again!!!!!!:angel:

I hope I can be as helpful to other next year and beyond!
Play it forward kpmom! We can't let any KP parent go it alone, in the dark. :thumb: