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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Soldier68W, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,

    So I'm a 68W currently deployed and I'm trying to put a west point packet/application together. I've already talked to my Commander (LTC) and my PSG about my nomination and thats on the way within the week. However I have some questions :/

    I've read the admissions timeline, however, as a deployed soldier its hard to adhere to it perfectly especially since I believe I'm starting late. But generally speaking I know I need to take my retake my SAT (which can be done here) and I'm currently studying for that.

    After the SAT I believe I need to take the CFA, administered by one of my company's officers and then do the candidate questionaire to open a candidate portal?

    Problem is I already tried to open one and ran into some issues where intially after filling out the questionaire I was told there was an error with my social (thought it was something to do with me being over here), I tried again the next day and after entering my SSN, birth date and highschool graduation date the website told me that I already had a candidate portal. I can't access it however and when I try password recovery I'm told my SSN isn't in any file. Hmmmm... can't find tech support on the webpage either.

    Did I open one too soon? Or are you supposed to be able to open one at anytime?

    If anyone has any experince with Soldier Admissions help would be greatly appreaciated. I'm trying to set it up so I could get appointed to USMA or USMAPS by around the time I come home, late 2013, so starting 2014.

    Thank you :)
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    Email Major Ryan Liebhaber, he is the Soldiers/USMAPS/CP Regional Commander. his email is and his phone number is (845) 938-5780
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    1. If you get appointed, you will have a ticket out of your deployed location when needing to report.

    2. What year are you trying to get appointed for? 2017 or 2018? Training for USMA starts ~July 1st, 2013 (you said you wanted to get appointed late 2013/2014). If you are trying for 2017 and still need to retake the SATs, I'd hop on it fast and get in contact with MAJ Liebhaber (as theUnderDog said).
    -If you are going for 2018, you have plenty of time. I submitted my application in August and received the appointment by October, but this year it is a different timeline I believe.

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