Deployed Soldier Timeline?


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Sep 22, 2015
Not a big deal as I'm sure everything happens in a timely manner and our DD is not the first deployed soldier to get an appointment, but...
Anyone know about when the "Additional Instructions for Soldiers" link opens? Many things on the list can't be done by her. Heck, she can't even get internet. Occasionally gets enough wifi signal to send texts, that's about it. We can assist her with some things, but not others.
DD's unit is asking her when she will get orders.... like a PFC is going to know. Anyone with experience know about how far out they pull back a deployed soldier? Unit does not redeploy until the fall. Time to get things like the vision and dental done?
It has been a bit and no one knowledgeable has responded, so I will suggest you contact the WP RC who is assigned to enlisted soldiers. I suspect you will get some assistance there. Good luck.
Moderator can delete. DD just got answer. Unit told her she has to return 90 days prior as it's considered a PCS.
Much wailing, gnashing and stomping of feet. DD is throwing a temper tantrum that she can't run around with her SAW until just prior to R-Day.